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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joshua Evans

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7th mo.
a tavern. --- From thence next day, to Canadocway



and tarrying a while at Israel Chapin's

(who is the Indian
Agent) we went on to Nathan Cumstock's, near Mud-Creek
in the Genesee Country.


At this place we had a Meeting

in the forenoon, and one in
the afternoon which were pretty large; & solid favour'd seasons.
Then we went on to Abm. Lapham's.


We visited seve-
ral families at, and near Mud-Creek. Then to Nathanl. Aldridges

This seems to be a low flat Country, the water unwholsome,
& the Place sickly. -- Some asked me if I was not afraid of
being sick; I told them I thought I was not for I enjoy'd a quiet
mind, which I esteemed a great blessing; more especially when
- I am in the Lord's service.


Next day at Jonn. Smith's

, we
had a large and favoured Meeting, in which much tenderness ap-
peared among both old and young, a comfortable season to many.
This was about four Miles from Canadocwey.


At Willm. Ingle's

in the forenoon we had a pretty large mee-
ting, which was comfortable. And in the afternoon (in the)
at Canadocwy we had another, in the Court,house, not so
large, nor so much favour'd; yet it was agreeable to observe the
people sat commendably quiet and attentive.


Leaving this place, we travelled for five days towards

, through an unpleasant mountainous Country, met with poor
fare for men & horses, & mean lodging; sometimes on the floor,
with swarms of fleas, &c; a Scarcity of bread was also apparent.