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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joshua Evans

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seem at times unsteady & fickle; by some means they were not plea-
sed, & the interpreter disordered with strong drink; these circumstan-
ces were very trying; But we informed them we were willing to have another
meeting, which was proposed for religious worship in the afternoon.

This happened to be more trying still; for the Intepreter was so drun-
ken & poor a creature, I had but little freedom to speak by him, if suit-
able matter had opened; so that my Sorrow was increased on seeing so
much drunkenness among Indians. -- From hence we returned to

, & tarried there again that night; Captain Hendricks seems to
be a chief of some consequence & reputation, & his wife a well behaved
woman so far as I saw. The Oneidas being
the largest of those Nations, are computed six hundred in number.
The Land they hold, called 150 thousand Acres, & their income from
government yearly, five thousand dollars.


The committee having goods to distribute among the Indians, the
business was finished this morning at Stockbridge

: and many both men and women com-
ing to take leave; we had a favoured opportunity with them, wherein
greater tenderness appear'd, than in any other Season since we came to
visit them. --- We then went to the Place where three friends
propose staying a while among the Oneidas to instruct them; with
whom we had a solid parting season: after this, as many Indians
were come together near our departure from the Place, My desire