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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joshua Evans

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Returning home I visited several sick persons to our mutual
Joy. At our week day meeting, were a large number of Youth; a good
Meeting crowned with the divine presence.

1796 1st. month.

For six days I have been about home, & done little good.
Instead of attending with other Friends the committee on In-
dian Affairs

, I let in reasoning, that I was of so little conse-
quence, I might as well stay away; and thus have lost time.


My mind was inclined to attend a neighboring Mo.ly Meeting, but
the Adversary endeavour'd to defeat me here also: I was kept lingering
about home till it was almost too late; when trembling seized
me; & I said, let me not fall by the hand of Saul; I was favoured
with a little Strength to press thro': and my bow was renewed, so
that I had a favoured Opportunity, both amongst Men and Women friends.
I was engaged to speak to Parents and Children concerning a
worldly spirit, and the inconsistency of Superfluity in dress and
furniture; and had to press in plain Language the evil of these
Things; believing it was not a time for speaking smooth Words. It was
thought the meeting ended well.

I also attended another Monthly Meeting next day where my
service was pretty much in the same line; And I can say in
truth, Blessed be the name of the Lord; He is a rich rewarder
of those who serve him faithfully.


I was at our Monthly Meeting at Haddonfield

, Where the
Minutes of our Yearly Meeting were revived which advise against