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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of a Visit to the Oneida, Stockbridge, and Brotherton Indians

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faster than our common Gate had to hasten very
much to pass them after which stopt in full view near
the water edge they still remaining in the water
14 miles we rode this morning to Breakfast at the
Widow Lindsley

this morning rode on the Bottom
land which is called the Hazel Bottom covered with
little else, cros'd the Tioga three times from whence rode
15 miles cross'd the stream times and Lodg'd
at William Carters who a few years since settled moved here
from the Jerseys, he having been a native of Greenwich,
Cumberland County in Jersey, Not having rode very
far Twenty second this day got in early, took supper early
& went to bed, that we might be prepar'd for an early
start in the morning having a very disagreeable tedious
Journey in view tomorrow agreeable to the representation
from all who knew anything about it we having
prevailed upon our this nights landlord to go with us and be pilot partly from importunity, partly on inclination
and considerably upon our prosess of rewarding him
having the main part of his families subsistence
& Travelers wh there being Eleven of them, and
Travellers subsistence, except meat to bring thro
this Wilderness on Horseback, the Moon a little
after its full, at twelve o’clock rise & half past
one mounted our horses & set out

Twenty second

the Landlord our Pilot, the first
part of our journey prety good which suited our
the heavy Drowsy disposition we were in half
past five in the afternoon came to James Thomson

by the Lycoming Water rode this day