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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of a Visit to the Oneida, Stockbridge, and Brotherton Indians

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two month since came to this place with his wife and family to the Place
friend who a few years ago was in good esteem, he acts in
the capacity of surveyor and sits in the seat as second
judge of the courts, lives in a very small log
House at near the brink of a small Lake, appearing to us
very singular, were told its half a mile from one shore
to the Opposite one, nearly bound, that in some parts
had been fathomed to the depth of 40 Fathom without
reaching bottom, no visible streams in nor out
of it multitudes of fish of various kinds some to be seen
in deep water of a large kind; lands round about Laid
out 12 Acre lots as tho navagible water stream a short
distance from this William son in about Building
his House to reside live in, its cause of admiration to see
the Choice of this Wise Rich Man, who having such
an extent of excellent Land, yet make choice of so extreme
poor soil to seat himself on spot, this in the
the county town, from hence we went to the Painted Post

18 miles, went two miles East of this place to a little town
to lodg this afternoons ride most of the way on a Soil
producing little else but Pitch Pine of very small size
Cross a very high hill, the keeper of the Inn’s name
Patterson in this Town three stores & Post Office
kept, Past rides to here had very good accommodation for
selves & Horses

Twenty first,

started pretty early and Cross'd the
at the Painted Post

rode by the Tioga in the water of which
we saw a large flock of Ducks, they forc'd up the stream