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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of a Visit to the Oneida, Stockbridge, and Brotherton Indians

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quallity with Black Oak, White Oak, Hickory in places likewise Beech,
maple, ash, not so lofty as it hath been in many other parts
we have of this county we rode thro, at Geneva

we stayed all
night. This place it seems takes its name from a town in
Switzerland which it resembles, standing at the north West
corner of the Lake which is said to be forty
miles long, two miles short of the Cayuga is the Head or Upper extent of the Water
communication from Albany into this country from
Albany up the Mohawk. It’s a very pretty situation on the
banks of the lake several well looking Buildings of
Houses and Stores put up & more going up there it’s believ'd
that it will be a place of considerable trade here we saw
a Vessel upon the Stocks it was said to be a Shallop, to be kept
employ'd in trading on this Lake there being a town at the
upper end of it which they call Catherene’s Town


this morning rainy. Did not start untill we
had our Breakfast then the rain abated, prepared for
moving by this time it cleared away, the post still our guide. We had a pretty comfortable
ride much more so than we expected from the representation
we received of this part of the Road, whenever it became the
subject of conversation being represented as Intolerable
the dry weather having been much in our favor in this
respect as in many others, this morning’s ride to Canandaigua

which is said to be tho we Rode a new road which is suppos'd to be much more than
16 miles, This lake is said to be 24 Miles in
length. We don’t find this off from This town situated as Geneva lying
near the brink of the Water but pass by the Lake &
on rising ground from the Lake nearly half a mile in the
town several showey Houses, frame buildings and painted