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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of a Visit to the Oneida, Stockbridge, and Brotherton Indians

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poor Soldiers, pretty much at the same rate the
public Securities were purchased of them even at a
very inconsiderable price - We were inform'd that
there were but of very few of the Original who retain'd their
Lands. We found the Cayuga

’s settlement was about
two & an half Miles from the place we now are were at, at
our request, Frederick went with us to their Settlement
& to the Wigwam of a young couple the man an Oneida
his wife of the Stockbridge his name John Jourden
They who said they spoke pretty good English, his having the
language so well was the reason of his being among them
as an Interpreter for them having their Language
likewise. We mentioned to him our business he understood and define of having
them together in a few hours, but he inform'd us they
were gone a Hunting & could not come be got together before
tomorrow about ten O’clock, which would disconcerted our plan
very much intending to have moved forward toward
Canadaqua after the Op when our business was gone
through with them, there were a few of them at home
however therefore had them summoned together, but there
when together there number being so inconsiderable that
it could not be satisfactory nor best to go into the business
with them at this time, & tomorrow being first day we could
not fully approve of Meeting them on business then, least
the people round about might take occasion to vilify Us.
Under these several considerations concluded to stay in the
place & meetfor them to meet Us about sunrise Second