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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of a Visit to the Oneida, Stockbridge, and Brotherton Indians

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timbered with Pitch Pine

Ninth of the month

cross'd the SchanactadyMohock
rid in theRiver most of the way this morning could
see the water the Road goes wentunder the hill so on the
other side the same a bottom land appearance very fertile of about an hun
-dred Rod a hill on each side of a consideable
size of considerable Highth covered with with scrubs &
pine as high as the forks of the Schoharra and Mohock
twenty miles from the town we Lodg'd at, we Din'd near the
little Village called Cagnawago

about four miles from
Johnstown were inform'd the Country a little distance very
good black soil thickly setted to the place we rode
25 miles afternoon rode along the sidebank of the River
10 miles to the Spraykers ferry where we lodg'd this last ride more
pleasanter than the mornings the bankshills still continuing
very high the Bottoms some wider as we rode a long
on the tops discovered it to be very fertile bearing
wheat, oats, Peas, Oats & Peas sowed together &
very good Grass –

Tenth of the month & sixth of the week

Morning started without Breakfast or Oats for our Horses cross'd
the ferry the Road still continuing between on the Bottom
between the High Hill of & the River now on the South side of
the River its admisabe the bottom wider & better Improv'd
its soil appears to be wonderfully fertile resembling our
Bank Meadows with this difference they having the expence
of Tide banks these none the ferry keeper inform us he had
yesterday cross'd between 60 & 70 People keeping Tavern
& Stores is the Choissest employment of the setters we had
onon the Road, we this morning we breakfasted
10 miles on our Road where we were told that Cherry Valley

lay eighteen miles south of the river where we then were