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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of a Visit

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And as you think you can buy
tools Cheaper than our friends sell to
you -- we think it will be best not to
send on any more tools, The tools that
was sent, has been sold to you at the
same price the cost us, and we can not
afford them at a lower Price -

You may remember that the first par-
cel of tools we brought among you, was
all given up three years ago, and you
were desir'd to chose some of your Chiefs
to take care of them -- You were then
told our young men, must quit lend-
ing you tools & this account was car-
ried back to the Counsel at Philadelphia

and our friends was satisfied with it.
But you now complain that we assisted
you but a short time - that for three
years past you could get no tools
to Borrow, and say when we quit lending
you tools, you were just like a man -
wakeing out of a sleep, reaching out his
hands for help and the necessary assistence was