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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of my Residence among the Indians continued (Notes 2nd)

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We are told that your religeon was given
to your forefathers and has been handed
down from father to son - we also have a
religeon which was given to our forefathers
and has been handed down to us their children
we worship in that way, it teaches us to
be thankful for all the favours we receive
to love each other and to be unite, we never
quarrel about religeon....

The Great Spirit has made us
all but he has made a great difference --
between his white & red children. He has
given us different complexions and differ
-ent customes. To you he has given the
ark, to these he has not open'd our eyes
we know these things to be true. Since he
has made so great a difference between
us in other things - why may we not con
clude that he has given us a different
religeon -- according to our understand-
-ings. the great Spirit does right. He knows
what is best for his children - we are satisfied.

we do not want to destroy you
religeon or to take it from you we only