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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Geneninguhta [Correspondence]

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Fourth month 28th receiv'd the First letter from
the Committee Being as follows — Philadelphia 2nd mo. 19th 1799Dear Friends,

Feeling our minds solici-
tous on your accounts, which solicitude
our Ignorance of your situation has
considerably augmented, not haveing
received any information from you since your
letter of the 11th mo. 19th last, which is the second
we receiv'd since Joshua Sharpless

and John
left you

We are desirous you may be supported
under any discouragements may present
owing to the interruption that we appre
hend has happened to our
correspondence, and that you may be ena-
bled to persevere in the cause we are mutu-
ally engaged in, of which so arduous a task
has fallen to your lot; a cause which the
more we are engaged in, and contemplate on