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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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performed, and the limits I had prescribed for
this Appendix have been already exceeded; but
the very interesting character of the concern in-
duces me (before producing a copy of the Trea-
ty of Grenville

, which from its influence on the
condition of the Indian Tribes ought to be pre-
sented to the reader) to add the following ac-

From the last meeting of the committee, as
above related, in 1804, to the commencement of
the war with Great Britain

, the affairs of the
Indians continued to increase in importance, and
their friends were frequently flattered with the
hope of a successful and permanent settlement of
the Tribes, to whom the United States under
certain conditions had guaranteed their lands, in
the neighborhood of the Lakes. Philanthropists,
not only in our country, but, also, of the
more enlightened European nations, continued
to accord to the efforts of the Friends of this
country the meed of their approbation, and from
members of the Society of Friends in Great
, the Indian Committees of Phila-
and Baltimore recieved donations of
money, paid to them in two instalments of several
thousand dollars each, to be applied to the im-
provement of the condition of the Indians, which
greatly increased their opportunities of useful-
ness; to these donations was afterwards added
a bequest from a friend of Ireland, of much less