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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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gone. Where is my blanket? It is gone.
Where is my shirt? You have sold it for
whiskey! Now, brothers, figure to yourselves
what a condition this man must be in;
he has a family at home, a wife and children,
who stand in need of the profits of his hunting,
what must their wants be, when he himself is
also without a shirt.

After expressing his
hope that the Great Spirit would aid the
Friends in their efforts to assist the Indians, and
that they would use any influence they possessed
with the great council of the United States on
their behalf, and again alluding to the baneful
effects of spirituous liquors, and the bad advice
of wicked men who wished to keep them in ig-
norance, he finished by declaring that he desired
all that he had said should be made public,
provided the Friends had no objection thereto.

The Five Medals

then rose and said:-My
Brothers and Friends: I have nothing to say on
the subject we have now been talking over. My
friend, the Little Turtle, has given you a full
answer to those things you have mentioned to
us; we are but one people, and have but one
voice. We hope, brothers, that your friendship
and ours may never be broken.

Evan Thomas

, then adressed them again as
follows.-Friends and Brothers: What you
have communicated at this time, has been
clearly understood, and we are glad to find we
see things in the same light that you see them.