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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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them some of your ways of living. I am glad
that the Great Spirit has put it into your hearts,
and am sorry that your efforts have not yet been

Brothers and Friends,-I now assure you, that
you hear the voice of the Potowatomy

, Miami,
Delaware, Shawanese, Weas, Eel River, Pianka-
, Kickapoo, and Kaskaskia Tribes of Indi-
ans, and if you wish to do any thing for any of
these nations we will at all times be ready to
render any assistance in our power.

The Little Turtle

then again alluded to the plea-
sure they had received from the words of the
Friends of Philadelphia, and were equally pleased
to hear the same good words from the Friends of
of Baltimore
. He then mentioned that the Friends
Philadelphia had given them some tools, among
which were two ploughs.* * Alluded to in the letter of Thomas Wistar. I used them,
and did all I could to keep them from wearing
out; I was pleased with them; they now need
repair; we have nobody among us that can mend
them, and they are now useless to me. He
then referred to a visit they had made to Phila-
five days since, and the talks they had had
together with the Quakers there, had concluded
by inviting the Friends of Baltimore to meet the
Indian tribes at their next Great Council, held
annually at Fort Wayne, at the time the Indians
receive their annuities from the United States;