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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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At a meeting of the Indian Committee

, held
at Pipe Creek the 20th of 5th month, 1797, im-
mediately after the conclusion of the Meeting
for Sufferings
, which convened at that place, a
very serious consideration of the important
charge entrusted to them impressed the minds
of the Friends in attendance, and Joel Wright
expressed a willingness, if provided with suita-
ble company to undertake a journey to the N.
West of the river Ohio, for the purpose of fur-
nishing the Committee with more full informa-
tion respecting the situation and disposition of
the Indians. The Committee approved his
proposalm and he was left at liberty to make the

The Committee on Indian Affairs

met again
on the 7th of Tenth month, 1797, and received
a most interesting account from Joel Wright
and the companions of his journey,-Reese Cad-
and David Greaves,-of their visit to
the Indian country, dated the 15th of Ninth
month, 1797, from which communication the
following extract was copied:* * On a recent examination of the Records of the
Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting, in
order to test the correctness of the abridgment now
published, the incidents, dates and names were found
to be exactly similar.

In the course of this journey, after having
visited a number of Indian hunting camps and
several of their towns, we had a large oppor-