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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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Whilst engaged in taking a copy of the pre-
ceding journal, I have been induced to examine
the manuscripts left by the late George Ellicott

of Ellicott's Mills, the companion in this em-
bassy of the author of the narrative, to discover
if I could find amongst them any matter concern-
ing the Indians, and of the care manifested by
the Friends of Baltimore Yearly Meeting on
their behalf. In the course of this investigation
a variety of material on the subjects mentioned
has presented, from which I have gleaned some
fragments, which, as they promise to be inter-
esting to the readers of the present day, are
herewith presented.

The first extracts are from the unpublished
account of a journey to Upper Sandusky

, in 1799,
performed by some of the members of the In-
dian Committee
of Baltimore Yearly Meeting,
and written by George Ellicott. He appears
to have considered that any narrative of the
kind should be preceded by information con-
cerning the Indians, as they were in former
years; and had therefore prepared a preface to
this work, compiled from the writings of Jeffer-
, and other authorities, from which the fol-
lowing is taken: