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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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been gratified in seeing and hearing my brothers;
but that is not necessary. I am sorry, brothers,
that the chiefs of our country are not all present,
that they might all hear what you have said, and
have an opportunity of talking to you.

At the close of this speech we were informed
that nothing would be added by the Indians to
the communication made by the Little Turtle

We then told them that the words spoken by
the Little Turtle should be carefully carried
home to our brothers and friends who had sent
us. We also informed them that notwithstanding
we were now desirous to return to our homes as
soon as possible, yet we wished to see the place
which they designed to be the station of our
brother, Philip Dennis, and hoped some of them
would show it to us. We further added, that
this did not arise from any jealousy in our
minds that the place fixed upon was not suitable.
On the contrary, we had no doubt that they had
judged wisely; but that the love and respect
which we bore to our brother, led us to desire to
bear him company to the place, and also to ren-
der him every assistance in our power before we
left him.

They then informed us that they would con-
sult and fix upon some one to go with us. The
business of the council being then at an end, we
in turn rose from our seats, and shook hands
with them, which concluded the formalities of
the opportunity. After entering into a little