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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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ly,- that we are that way disposed, and we hope
it will take place gradually.

Here the speaker sat down for a short time,
and then rose again, saying,

Brothers, my heart is so overjoyed and
warmed with what you have said, that I find I
had forgot to mention one of the most important

Brothers, at the time we first met at this
place, the Five Medals

and myself formed some
idea of your business. We expected you had
come to do for us the things you had proposed
to us when in Baltimore. We consulted each
other upon the answer necessary to return to
you in every respect, and I now find that our
idea was right.

Brothers, the sentiments which I have de-
livered to you were his sentiments. You have
now told us, that your brother has a mind to
live amongst us to show us how to cultivate the
earth, and have desired us to show him the spot
where to begin. We agreed then, that he should
be at neither of our villages, lest our younger
brothers should be jealous of our taking him to
ourselves. We have determined to place him
on the Waash, where some of our families will
follow him,-where our young men I hope will
flock to him, and where he will be able to in-
struct them as he wished. This is all I have to
say. I could all day repeat the sentiments I
have already expressed; also how much I have