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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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principal men, which being in the Indian lan-
guage was to us unintelligible. They then rose
upon their feet, and shook hands with us with
great solemnity, and returned to their

In a few moments the Little Turtle

arose and
delivered the following speech, which one of us* Gerard Hopkins, who was a fine short hand
writer. T.
wrote in short hand, from the mouth of the In-

Brothers, it appears to me to be necessary
that I should give you an immediate answer, as
you are about to return to your families from
whence you came.

My Brothers and Friends, we are all pleased
to see you here, and to take our brothers, the
Quakers, through you by the hand. We re-
joice that the Great Spirit has appointed that
we should this day meet. For we believe, that
this meeting will be of the utmost consequence
to your red brethren.

Brothers, what you have said, we have care-
fully gathered up, we have placed it in our hearts,
in order that it may be communicated to our
posterity. We are convinced that what you
have said is for the good of your red brethren.
We are also convinced that our chiefs and war-
riors, our women and children will be all of our