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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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water cultivate. We are persuaded that your
land will produce double the quantity of any
kind of grain, or of flax, or of hemp, with the
same labor necessary near the great water.

Brothers and Friends: We shall now end
what we have to say, with informing you that
all the corn, and other productions of the earth,
which Philip Dennis

may raise, we wish our
red brethren to accept of, as a token of our
friendship. And it is our desire that the chiefs
of Pottowatamy and Miami nations, who
are now present, added to our brothers, the Five
, Tuthenipee, and Philip Dennis, make
such a distribution thereof as they may think
proper. * The address was published in pamphlet form in
Baltimore, by the Indian Committee in 1804, and also
appeared in the newspapers of the period, and was
much commended for its earnest and enlightened
simplicity. T.

The Indians observed great gravity and de-
corum, during the time of our addressing them,
and seemed to reiterate the sentiments delivered
by repeated shouts.

At the close of our communication, a short
pause took place, during which we informed
them that we had no more to add at present,
but wished them to speak freely. After which
a conversation, occupying several minutes took
place between the chiefs, and some of their