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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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for some minutes took place, when the Little

inquired, If the Friends had more to
say. He was answered in the negative.

After a further pause and some conversation
between the two chiefs, they rose from their
seats, and perceiving that they were advancing
toward us, we also arose from our seats. On meet-
ing them, they took us by the hand, and with
countenances indicative of great gravity, shook
hands with us and returned to their seats.

The Five Medals

then commenced a speech
as follows:-

Brothers and Friends: My friend, the Lit-
tle Turtle

, and myself, together with my two
sons, who are present, rejoice to have this oppor-
tunity of seeing you, and of taking you by the

My Brothers: We are glad to be informed,
that you received our talk sent to you last fall,
and to find that you are now come to the country
of your red brethren.

My Brothers and Friends: We rejoice that
the Great Spirit has conducted you safely to our
country, and figure to ourselves that in you we
see the rest of our brothers and friends of Balti-

, and that in taking you by the hand, we
take them by the hand.

Brothers: We know that you have come a
long distance to see the situation of your red
brethren. We have no doubt that you have
things to say which are of great importance to