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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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informing us that the implements of husbandry,
which we had sent to them last year, had come
to them safely, and that we had carefully ob-
served all that was contained in that talk. That
we were deputed by their brothers and friends of

to come to see them. That we had
accordingly come, and had with us a letter di-
rected to them, which we thought ought in the
first place to be read, and after that we might
have something to say to them. A short pause
having taken place, they expressed a desire that
the letter should be read, which was accordingly
done, and interpreted to them as follows:

From the Committee appointed for Indian
by the Friends of Maryland to the Little
and the Five Medals, Chiefs of the Potto-
and Miami nations of Indians:

Brothers and Friends- We have received
your talk, communicated by our friend William

, after the reception of the implements of
husbandry sent last spring for your use. In
that speech, as well as when you were in Balti-
, you have told us that you thought it best
for some of us to go out to see yoou, that we
might be better capable of judging what could
be done further for the benefit of our red breth-

Brothers and Friends,-In compliance with
your request we have named our beloved friends
George Ellicott

, Gerard T. Hopkins, Joel Wright,
and Elisha Tyson, to go and visit you and to take