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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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but a handful a piece, and fetch it out to us, for
my horses are not able to come after it

This is all I have to say at present.

To my Brothers, the Quakers.

About the time of the reception of this letter,
some Friends, who resided nearest to their hunt-
ing camp, furnished them with a small supply
of provisions, which occasioned a second letter
from Tarhie

, as follows:

Brother Quakers, I have a few more words
to say to you.

Brothers, I want that you should all know
what distress I am in.

Brothers, I want you to know I have got
help from some of my near neighbors.

Brothers, I would be glad to know what you
will do for me, if it is but a little.

Brothers, if you cannot come soon, it will
do bye and bye, for my belly is now full.

Brothers, I hope you have not forgot our
great fathers; when they first met, it was in
friendship; we are of the same race.

My Brothers, Quakers, I hope our friendship
will last as long as the world stands. All I have
to say to you now is, that I shall stay here until
two more moons are gone.

Addressed to my Brothers, the Quakers.

A considerable quantity of provisions were
furnished by the Friends to these Indians, for