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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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interval, we attended Redstone Quarterly Meet-

. There were present several Friends from
the State of Ohio, who reside upon a part of the
tract of country called the Seven Ranges. They
informed us that the Indian Chief, Tarhie,* *This was Tarhie, (or the Crane,) Chief of the
Wyandots, whom Evan Thomas, and other members
of the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meet-
ing, visited at Upper Sandusky, in the 6th month,
1799, and of which a report was published in that
year. See Appendix. a
Wyandot of great distinction, with about one
hundred hunters, mostly of the Wyandot nation,
were hunting bears upon a branch of the Big
Beaver, called Mahoning, within about twenty
miles of their settlement, and that a fall of snow
three feet in depth had placed them in a suffer-
ing condition, they not making provision at their
camp for such an event. In this situation the
Friends received the following letter from Tar-

My dear Brothers, Quakers, listen to what
I now say to you. You always called us Indians
your brothers, and now, dear white brothers, I
am in distress, and all my young men who are
with me.

Brothers, will you please to help me to fill
my kettles and my horses' troughs, for I am afraid
my horses will not be able to carry me home

Neighbors, will you please to give, if it is