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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A brief Account of the Proceedings of the Committee Appointed by the Yearly Meeting of Friends held in Baltimore

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the year; together with the dissatisfied and unset-
tled situation of the Indians at the time, on ac-
count of a sale of land made by some of the tribes
to the United States*; *The uneasiness, which this circumstance occasioned
amongst the Indians has since been entirely removed. thought it might, for the
present season, be best to write to the agent,
and request him, to procure for us, the most
suitable character in his power; who, under his
direction, should plough the land which Philip

cultivated the last season, and plant it
with corn: in the performance of which it was
hoped he would be assisted by the Indians.
We also observed, that after their corn was
planted, we were willing to believe they would
be able to manage it themselves. Should a
second ploughing however be necessary, we
directed this also to be done. This person was
also desired to prepare for them a garden of the
most useful vegetables, which they might after-
wards easily manage.

The committee

have since received his answer
to this letter, in which he says, he will lose no
time in complying with their request, and that
he will at all times be ready to put the benevo-
lent concern of Friends, towards the Indians, in
execution. He also says, that at this time, a
spirit of industry exists among the Indians
generally; and that, as several of the tribes,
had requested of Government, to have a part