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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A brief Account of the Proceedings of the Committee Appointed by the Yearly Meeting of Friends held in Baltimore

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left them knitting yarn of their own spinning, when
he came away.

He also reported, that a considerable number
of Eel-River

and Weas Indians were about to
settle near the place he cultivated; and that
previously to his departure, he was with several
of their principal chiefs; who requested him to
tell Friends, that they, and the Indians gene-
rally, were much obliged to them for the assis-
tance they had given them; and hoped we
would continue our friendship towards them,
and that nothing might happen to discourage

All the Indians he was amongst, were very
friendly; as was also the agent and other officers
of the Government.

As it appeared that the Indians were very
desirous of Friends continuing their care to-
wards them; and sending a person to take the
place of Philip Dennis

. After weightily consider-
ing the subject, it was concluded to endeavour
to procure a suitable friend for that purpose;
but none offering to engage in service, and
the committee taking into consideration the low
state of their funds, and the advanced season of