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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A brief Account of the Proceedings of the Committee Appointed by the Yearly Meeting of Friends held in Baltimore

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George Ellicott

and Gerard T. Hopkins, (who
it appeared had been appointed to visit the In-
dians on behalf of the Society of Friends,) was
produced, read, and interpreted to all the diffe-
rent nations present. In reply to which, divers
of their chiefs expressed great satisfaction; and
amongst others Toethteboxie, on behalf of the
Delawares, said, For many years before I
came into the world, the white people have
been offering to do for us, what is now men-
tioned; and it appears, that our eyes were never
opened, until this time. We will now take hold
of it, and receive it. I am an old man, and
want to see it before I die. If I once see it,
I shall die in peace, to think I have left my
women and children in comfort.

On the return of the friend*, [* P. Dennis

, probably.] who went out
with the committee, and remained in the Indian
country, during most of the year 1804, he re-
ported that he spent the time agreeably with
them; and was favoured to enjoy a good portion
of health whilst there. He raised about 400
bushels of corn, besides a quantity of turnips,
potatoes, cucumbers, water-melons, pumpkins,
beans, parsnips, and other garden-vegetables;
which he directed to be divided amongst the