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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A brief Account of the Proceedings of the Committee Appointed by the Yearly Meeting of Friends held in Baltimore

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on the Auglaize river, and also since the visit,
turned their attention very much towards the
cultivation of their lands. They had therefore
the satisfaction to remark, that the communi-
cations from the committee

to these nations;
and the exertions which had been made, to
turn their minds to agriculture; although we
had not been in a situation to extend much
assistance to them, had not been altogether

They also visited the place fixed upon for the
settlement of Philip Dennis

, on the Wabash
river, about forty miles south-west of Fort-
; and found its situation to be very ad-
vantages for farming; the soil appearing to
be equal in fertility, to any land in the western
country. To this place there are also two good
mill-seats adjacent; one on the Wabash, which
may be improved without injuring its navigation,
and the other on a stream which falls into that
river, about half a mile below

Soon after their return home, a letter was re-
ceived by the committee, from the Indian agent
at Fort-Wayne

, informing them that the Indians
had held their council in the Sixth Month,
agreeably to expectation; at which 874 of
them attended; when the written address of