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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A brief Account of the Proceedings of the Committee Appointed by the Yearly Meeting of Friends held in Baltimore

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address. They respectfully manifested their ap-
probation of the sentiments it contained, by re-
iterated exclamations of applause, and the most
evident demonstrations of satisfaction. In re-
ply, the Little Turtle

delivered a speech on be-
half of the council, from which the following
is extracted.

Brothers and Friends,
We rejoice, that the Great Spirit has ap-
pointed that we should meet this day; for we
believe, this meeting will be of the utmost con-
sequence to your Red Brethren.

The things you have said to us, require our
greatest attention: it is really necessary, that we
should deliberate upon them. In order to do
so, we must beg you to leave the paper, upon
which they are written, that we may communi-
cate them to our chiefs, when they assemble in
Grand Council.

You have been very particular in pointing
out to us, the duties of our women; and you
have told us, that in adoptting your mode of
living, our numbers would increase, and not