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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A brief Account of the Proceedings of the Committee Appointed by the Yearly Meeting of Friends held in Baltimore

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suffered all the miseries of extreme poverty; in a
country, which, from its great fertility, would,
with but little cultivation, abundantly supply
them with all the necessaries of life.

These friends had an opportunity with some
of they chiefs and hunters of the Wyandot

, and
Delaware nations, in which they informed them
of the concern of Friends relative to them; and
endeavoured to impress on their minds, the ad-
vantages they would derive, from permitting a
knowledge of agriculture, and some of the most
useful mechanic arts, to be introduced amongst
their people. The Indians appeared to give close
attention to the communication, and promised
to lay the matter before their grand council, and
inform us of their conclusion upon the subject.

No way opened during the year 1798, to
proceed in carrying the concern of the Yearly

into effect; except that the committee
furnished a few implements of husbandry, and
other assistance to some Indian families, which
were situated upon the branches of the Tus-
karawas river.

In the Second Month, 1799, the committee

received a speech, and a belt of the Wampum, from
Tarhie, the principal chief of the Wyandot nation,