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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A brief Account of the Proceedings of the Committee Appointed by the Yearly Meeting of Friends held in Baltimore

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upon their arrival there, they found that all the
chiefs, and most of the hunters, had dispersed.
And, it not appearing practicable to convene
them in a suitable manner for a conference at
that time, they returned without accomplishing
the object of their visit. They however saw
divers hunters and others, who appeared to be
well disposed to receive the instruction and
assistance, with which Friends proposed to fur-
nish them.

The committee

being still deficient in the
information necessary to enable them to pro-
ceed with safety, in so important an undertaking,
one of their number offered, in the fall of this
year, to undertake a visit to the Indians, for the
purpose of obtaining a more satisfactory know-
ledge respecting them; and his proposal being
approved, he was encouraged to proceed as
soon as might be practicable. Accordingly, in
the spring of 1797, he, with two others of the
committee, who became concerned to unite
with him, made them a visit; in the course of
which, having passed by a number of their
hunting camps, and several of their towns, they
had large opportunity of discovering their situ-
ation. Often exposed to the inclemency of the
seasons, with a very precarious, and often a
very scanty supply of food and clothing, they