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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Missionary’s address to the Chiefs of the Six Nations of Indians and their response.

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Religion, why do you white people differ so much about
it? why not all agreed, as you can all used the Book?

Brother, we do not understand these things, we are told
that your religion was given to your forefathers, and how
been handed down from father to son, we also have a
Religion, which was given to our forefathers, and has
been handed down to us their Children, we worship
in that way, it teaches us to be thankful for all the
favours we Recieve, to love each other and to be united,
we never quarrel about Religion.

Brother, the Great spirit has made us all, but
he has made a great difference between his white &
Red children, he has given us different complexions &
different customs, to you he has given the arts, to
these he has not opened our eyes, we know these things
to be true; since he has made so great a differenc
between us in other things, why may we not conclude
that he has given us a different Religion according to
our understandings; The Great spirit does right, he
honors what is best for his children, we are satisfied.

Brother, we do not wish to destroy your Religion,
or take it from you, we only want to enjoy our own.

Brother, we are told that you have been preach
ing to the white people in this place, These people
are our neighbours, we are acquainted with them,
we will wait a little while and see what effect
your preaching has upon them, if we find it
does them good, makes them honest and less dispos'd
to cheat Indians, we will then consider again what
you have said.

Brother You have now heard our answer to your
talk, and this is all we have to say at present, as we are
going to part we will come and take you by the hand
and hope the Great spirit will protect you on your
journey and return you safe to your friends.