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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Report of the Committee

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The Committee appointed in the 5mo 1795 to prepare
some Articles to be sent to the Shawanese, Delaware,
Wyandot & other Nations of Indians expected to assem
ble at Grenville at a Treaty to be held under the direction
of General Anthony Wayne, now report

That having pursuant to directions procured and
forwarded a present to amot of L93..8..1-1/2 they accom
panied the same with a Letter to General Wayne together
with the Epistle agreed to & sign'd in the 5th mo. requesting
he would embrace a suitable opportunity of communicating
it to the Indians when assembled & of delivering to them
on behalf of our Religious Society, our present, as a token
of our continued regard & friendship for them. A considera
ble time elapsed before we were regularly inform'd by the
General of his Compliance with our request, the reason
for which delay is asignd in his Letter to us dated at
Detroit the 5th Septr last, wherein he informs us of
the particular care exercised by him in conveying to the
understandings of the Indians the substance of the
aforesaid Epistle & our motives in sending them a small
present, & of the satisfaction manifested by them on the
occasion. This seasonable Testimony of our regard ap
pearing to have a good effect, there being as the General
expresses it, the fairest prospect of a lasting peace and
friendly intercourse, between the Citizens of the United
States & those Aborigenes of America.

Philada 12 mo. 15th 1796
Sign'd on behalf of the Committee by John Parrish