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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Letter from Quakers to Cornplanter

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From the people called Quakers, the Children and Descendants of
those peaceable people who first settled in Pennsylvania, being the
Friends of Onas
To Corn-planter the Seneca Cheif, or to Joseh
the Interpreter to be by him explain'd to the said

The written message of Corn-planter

dated at Philad'. on
the 10.' day of February last, was not received by us untill some weeks
after. His request that we would take under our care two
Seneca Boys, one of them his own son, accompanied with the son of
Joseph Nicholson, we have considrd, and do agree to receive them
when they can be conveniently sent to us, intending they shall be
treated with care and kindness, and instructed in reading, writing
and Husbandry as the Children of our Friends are taught.
Governor of Pennsylvania, being when inform'd of this proposal, having
express'd his approbation thereof, as did General Knox

Sign'd on behalf and by appointment of a Meeting of the Repres. of
the said people the 2 day of the 6 mo. called June 1791