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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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with a number of other Women who were
much alarmed to behold their companion
stabed with knives

12 of 9th month

arrived our beloved Friends
Joshua Sharpless

, Isaac Coates, Thomas
, and James Cooper, the sight
of which was truly pleasing to me as I
had not seen any friends since
John Pierce and Joshua Sharpless left us
in the sixth month 1798 they brought with
them a number of satisfactory letters
from our friends, and relations, during
their stay with us they had a council with
the Indians, admonishing them to useful habits
of industry, and read to them the following
address which they committed to paper at
our House

Brothers You have now heard that our
coming here was to see how you and our
young men who are living among you
are getting along. We are glad that the Good
Spirit has favoured us to meet you in health
and given us this opportunity of taking
you by the hand and brighening the