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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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Brothers, If you will take into consi-
deration to favour us according to our desire
and send such Men as you think fit to
instruct us they shall have House and
Land to make themselves comfortable,
and shall not be molested by friend nor foe,
but be protected according to the best of
our abilities- and Brothers If you
conclude to assist us in this time of need
and necessity we desire you would help
to a set of Saw mill Irons-

We are your friends
Ta con on gee Wain tau guh taugh Tenianore & others In this Year of our Lord 1799
10th of 5th month

About this time a number
of Indians arrived from Pittsburgh

where they
had been to dispose of their Skins furs
&c. and brought in return a great quantity of
Whisky which they sold to other Indians
at home which soon caused much confusion
and intoxication amongst the Indians at