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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joel Swayne

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after things the unreasonableness of their present
practice in suffering their Women to work all Day
in the fields & Woods with their Hoes & Axes
whilst they themselves were at the same time
playing with their Bows & Arrows

In order for their advancement into the good ways
and methods of White People, they were recom-
mended to take their boys to work with their mo-
thers and Sisters whilst they were young, and
when they grew older they would not think so
hard of it, Endeavours were also used seriously to
impress on their minds the remembrance
that it was from the Good Spirit they
received every good thing, and that he could
hear every thing they said, and see every
thing they did; and if they were good and in
dustrious he would love them and bless them
with many good things-
After we had one speaking and informed them
we had said all that we had to say at that
time, Cornplanter

observed that as all thing are
done and settled we will cover the Council
fire, the Council ended to pretty good satisfac-
tion both to us and the Indians tho' a loss was
sensibly felt by us for want of a good Interpreter