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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Series of letters written on a Journey to the Oneida, Onondago, and Cayuga Tribes of the Five Nations

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as far as Shenandoah Creek

, extending Eastward into the W
out limitation, And the said Anthony being willing to leave his
House and appurtenances, they were engaged for the use of the settlement,
It was also agreed that the Friends should have liberty to enclose what
they might want of the Flats, for hay or pasture, agreeable to the
Eighth article, but the Indians did not choose to engage their Oxen,
except the young ones to be broke first, or their Horses, because they were
not good for any thing to Work.

And John Shanandoa

, Anthony Shonongleya, and Nicholas Shago
, were appointed as judges under the 9th Article.

Signed at Oneida Castle the day of the Seventh Month 1796. by