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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Series of letters written on a Journey to the Oneida, Onondago, and Cayuga Tribes of the Five Nations

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Minutes of conclusive conferences, and Agreements, between t
setling on the Oneida Reservation, and the Indians there, proposed on
the 25th and agreed to on the 30th of the Sixth Month 1796. Brothers of the Oneida Nation

You now know that we are sent to you by your old Friends, the People
called Quakers of Pennsylvania, and parts adjacent not merely to make
you presents which would soon be spent, leaving you still poor & needy,
but to show you how we manage, to raise a great deal of food and Clo
thing, off of a little Land, that you may be able to support yourselves,
and your Children, comfortably without being beholden to any body,
and have something to spare for the old and Infirm, as well as to lay
by against times of scarcity.

Remember that we have left all that was dear to us at home, not to get your
Lands from you or any thing that is yours, but to visit you in love, and
stay with you, if happily we may put you in a way, to enjoy the manifold
blessings of the All bountiful Creator. Now we have seen and reflected
upon your situation & consulted one another, for the future prosperity
of your whole Nation, and the three tribes, you have kindly permitted to
settle upon your Land, and we have put our conclusion in Writing,
that it may be known, what we are willing to undertake for you, and what
we desire you to do towards it yourselves, for we mean to set before you a
clear example if you will agree to follow it.