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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Series of letters written on a Journey to the Oneida, Onondago, and Cayuga Tribes of the Five Nations

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Fort Schuyler, on the Mohawk, 6th. Mo. 20th. 1796 My dear Friends,

My last if I recollect right, was dated this day week;
yet, as I trusted it to an accidental opportunity, I think it very
probably you will receive this first. It carried us to Hendrick

, at New Stockbridge, and left us under the good keeping of
Lydia Quinney (for the Wife does not here assume the name of her
Husband) one of the best Housewives, considering circumstances,
that we have ever known, no offence I hope to Anybody. You may be sure we were not in
haste to leave her; yet having appointed to meet the Oneidas on
3rd. day afternoon we set out, on foot, and in the rain, though
it cleared up before we had travelled far, through thick woods,
and marshy bottoms. Two miles brought us to a little remnant
of the Tuscaroras, who fled here 80 or 100 years ago from the banks
of the Patowmack, and, If I am right, have been ever since incor-
porated with the ancient Five Nations, now six. The main
body of them sided with the British in the late war, and are
settled on the banks of Niagara. The few that remain
under the patronage of the Oneidas, appear helpless and forlorn,
almost without a Chief, and without a Counsellor. Two miles
further we came across the scattered hamlets of the Oneidas,
original Proprietors of this fertile spot, who I think at the Treaty of