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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Account of a visit paid to the Indians in New York State

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which presented in places, also the
town of Poughkeepsie, which was 4
miles up the river, on its opposite
shore, made the landscape truly
delightful. We dined at Edwd
, but the day proving very
warm, & our horses young, not suit-
able for travelling such weather,
we thought it would be best not
to proceed further, therefore in the
evening we return’d to Samuel’s
18 miles.


Got our horses shoed this morning
& intended to set off homewards, in
the afternoon, but there coming up a
heavy gust of rain & hail, we put
it by until next morning.


Set off early this morning thro’
a pretty good country, & fine roads
to Jackson’s 18 miles, here we fed our