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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Account of a visit paid to the Indians in New York State

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into these parts & answers very well
We arrived at Saml Baldwins about
4 oclock, weary & glad we were had got
to a friend’s house. The weather
latterly has been very warm, & we
having travelled hard from Oneida,
both we & our horses wanted rest
we concluded to lay by here a day or
two, in order to get them shoed, & to
help their backs, which were chaffed
wish the saddles. John Pierce
having at times for some weeks past,
hinted to me, that he had some wish
before we return’d home to go over the
North river to see the school at Nine
, but since we left Oneida, our
draft homewards having been such that
we had put it by, on our arrival here,
understanding we were within 28 miles
of said school, & Saml Baldwin