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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Account of a visit paid to the Indians in New York State

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could pen water enough, if it met
with no supply, to keep the mill
going for 3 days. Then thro’ a
rough country, tho’ good roads.
In about 18 miles we arrived at Saml
. In 4 or more miles of
the first part of this stage, we
cross’d the Rosendell, a lively stream
nearly as large as Eusopas, the
bridge over it was perhaps fifty yards
long, & 20 feet from the water, yet
the stream rose so high a few months
ago, as to be on the bridge. In
perhaps 4 miles further we came
to the Wallkill, which was as large
as three of the Rosendall, & into
which the Rosendall runs a few miles
below. We went several miles up
the Wallkill thro’ a fine level country
& cross’d it in a boat, it was perhaps