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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Account of a visit paid to the Indians in New York State

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any service to them, &that the business
between him & captain Chapin relating
to a mill, we thought when he & the
captain confer’d together on the subject
we might be fully inform’d of their
result by letter. He then inform’d
us he was become perfectly reconcil’d
to our going, & as the council was
expected every day to meet, he could
not go with us to Canandarque, as
he had propos’d, but that John, who
had hitherto been with us, would go
thro’ to the Genoeseriver, & that he
wish’d the Good Spirit who had
hitherto preserv’d us, would safely keep
us on our journey, until we arrived
at our own homes; he further desir’d
we would make ourselves perfectly
easy about our young men, who were
left among his people, for he would