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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Account of a visit paid to the Indians in New York State

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upon weighing his request in the best
manner we could, we felt easy to move
homewards this morning. This infor-
mation was given him by walking
down to his encampment. He with
a number of other pretty soon came
up to our lodgings, & let us know he
was sorry we could not make our
minds easy to stay a few days longer,
no ways doubting but captain Chapin
& others concern’d would be here today;
but perhaps as we had been a consider-able time from home, & living was
expensive we might be much run out
of the means that enabled us to stay,
which made us so anxious to return.
I inform’d him when I left home, I
expected to return in 40 days, that
it was now near 50 days, 6 if we went
by Oneida, to see the indians there