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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Account of a visit paid to the Indians in New York State

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much pleas’d to meet with us, as we did
to see him, & to find that our mare was
safe we had left at Buffaloe in his care.
We got to Buffaloe about 2 Oclock, &
tho’ a day later than we agreed to meet
Cornplanter here, yet neither he nor
any of his company were come. About
sun set his son Henry & another indian
arrived, & inform’d us that Cornplanter
& 10 or 12 more were on their way, &
would be here by 10 O clock to morrow.
15 miles.


About 12 oclock, Cornplanter & his
company arrived at the opposite side
of Buffaloe; we walk’d down to the
river to recieve them, when they came
across, they appear’d pleas’d to see us,
Cornplanter enquiring after our
health since we left him, he gave us
a letter from our friends dated 5