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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Account of a visit paid to the Indians in New York State

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also of an herb like fern, and thin
cakes of wheat bread baked, or
rather fryed in a pan, they eat
very well, so that we have no
cause to complain of our living if it
was not for their dirt & c. which try
us. Our road from Pittsburg here,
was pretty much of a northeast course,
and part of it very rough and tedious
so that we have been desirous of finding
a nearer and better way home, we
early enquired of Cornplanter if
their was any path from this town
across the mountains to the big
Island on Susquehanna at the
mouth of Baldeagle creek, he in-
formed us there was a path, which
was but little used, and through
a rough uninhabited country, we
should have to lay out at nights,