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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Account of a visit paid to the Indians in New York State

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thing for it, and the money was handed
back to us, which we immediately pre-
sented to him for the trouble of bringing
us down in his canoe, which he receiv-
ed with cheerfulness.


Two of our number whom we left at
Genesinguhta to take care of Horses, House
& c. came down this morning, and a
number of Indians being collected, a
number of Indians being collected, a-
bout 12 we met them in council, there
being about 30 or 40 a number of whom were
their most respectable women.

Early in the opportunity Cornplanter
made a pretty lengthy speech it did
not seem directed to us, which our inter-
preter informed us, was for an Indian
then in the House, who had been charged
with murdering a white man, for which
he had been in Jail at Pittsburgh, and
tried for his life, but being acquited by