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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Account of a visit paid to the Indians in New York State

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Cornplanter with several others came into
our apartment. he sat very still till the op-
portunity closed. The others sat still a wh-
ile and then withdrew. Our door being
open during the opportunity the indians as
they passed by looked at us but shewed no


Got up soon this morning to bake some
bread that we might be in readiness by 7
o’clock. to go up the river about 10 miles with
some of the chiefs to see where it would be
most suitable to make a settlement

We found it a trying circumstance rightly
to judge what was best to do on the occasion
Jenescatego. the town where we now are
being the place of Cornplanters residence
is in the middle of a good spot of land in
Pennsylvania. on the west side of Allegany
about five miles south of the New York
line. The said tract is Cornplanters own