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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Account of a visit paid to the Indians in New York State

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these young men here, and they must tell
us if we are like to be cheated.

Brothers. This is all I have got to say.

We expressed our satisfaction with their an-
swer and let them know our young men wo
uld want a house to live in, and a piece of
good land to work, that so they may be able
to raise their bread, for which purpose
we desired some of their chiefs would go with
us. to look about their country. and conclude
where would be most advantageous to the na-
tion for our young men to settle, and that we
wished to see their nation in general council
once more before we left them. Upon
our letting them know we had no more to
say. Cornplanter desired his people would
all come and shake hands with us he him-
self first setting the example.

20th and first of the week.

We had some
conversation this morning about sitting together